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Email Mailing List of Farms and Farmers
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From Farms and Farmers to Future Food on the Table


Facing stiff competition, the food industry scrambles to secure the most reliable supplier of agricultural products.  Farms and farmers who consistently deliver fresh, safe, quality, and succulent produce are favoured.  Importantly, distribution needs to be timely. In the restaurant industry in particular, the dizzyingly fast turnover necessitates a dependable supplier of raw ingredients.  This is no easy feat for farms and farmers Mailing list with email addresses who continue to struggle amid several issues in the industry.

Organic farming

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Gone are the days of mindless consumption.  As consumers grew more meticulous of what they put in their mouths, the need for produce free from pesticides, chemicals and other unnatural processes rocketed.  This meant elevated costs.  Thanks to the Organic Aid Scheme in 1994 that financial grants were awarded to farmers converting to organic farming.

Dumping of cheap imports

The silk road is everywhere now.  Not only do British Mailing list with email addresses of farms and farmers have to contend with local competition, growers from all over the world too vie for the very same market.  It is true that this resulted in a diverse selection but, indubitably, this heavily strained farmers’ income.  It is even feared domestic supply would run out unless government acts on the matter.

National Farmers’ Union’s president and lobbyist, Peter Kendall, saw the red flags.  He urged consumers, supermarkets, and restaurants to support British farming.  The ailing production can be boosted for our futures’ sake.

Financial Subsidies

Under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), subsidies to UK email list of mailing farmers are available to encourage them to increase productivity, thus, increase their income too.  However the real benefit is yet to be felt by many farmers.  It is observed most of the financial grants go to larger farms, making their owners richer.  As to increase in production levels, direct connection is also yet to be seen. But probably just a little beyond the horizon.  CAP reformation is on the works, with hopes that these grants can amplify agricultural production.


In the push for high yields, intensified production is feared to have caused damage to agricultural lands.  From chemicals to overuse of land, serious concerns abound as to sustainability of these means of production.  The environmental impact may not factor much in the tag price but sure does overall. so check out this Email mailing address list.


What then?  This is not to make tree hugging lobbyists out of all of us. There just needs some sort of supply chain management, specially, the relationship between producers and consumers. Getting to know our food providers such as through an email mailing list with website addresses of pet shops  takes us a step toward food sustainability.  Supermarkets and restaurants can take the helm by sourcing from local farmers.  Creating geographical proximity ensures freshness and accessibility of agricultural produce year round.  Information about farms and farmers in any area, whether through an online directory or local listings, may be evaluated through comparisons to determine which producers best answer the simmering food security issue.  While remaining bound to profit targets, supermarkets, restaurants, and food manufacturers need to consider hidden ecological costs as well as the overall health of the agriculture sector in the UK.

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